Benefits Of Magnetic Bracelets

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Magnet bracelets and magnetic therapy have been reported to work by the magnet creating a very, small, electrical current. The current is created by the connection of dissimilar poles of the magnet, one being the positive pole, and other the negative pole. This is known as the "Polarity Agent Effect". This Polarity Effect heightens blood flow and basic tissue healing by activating cellular activity in the tissue. This also creates heating within the tissue. An increase in blood flow creates increased oxygen carried by the blood stream, causing the body to repair itself. The body is stimulated in different ways by the different poles used. For example, the north (positive) part of the magnet has a calming and relaxing effect, while the south (negative) pole of a magnet has a stimulating and activating result. The more magnetic jewels that are set into the jewelry, the more healing effects are claimed to be experienced.

But most all magnetic bracelets will have at least one magnet adhered to them, or be magnetized as a whole. The effects from the bracelet change depending on which magnetic pole faces your wrist. The negative side of a magnet may have a green dot and the positive side may have a red dot.

In the tradition and "thinking" of Chinese medicine, the two poles of the magnet produce diametrically opposing benefits. The negative pole of the magnet should face the body. This will cause energy in your body to run through the meridians, and open up and flow freely, restoring your bodies balance.

Queen bracelet gold of wearing a magnetic bracelet with the "negative pole" facing toward the wrist is that it balances the pH in the body, thereby reducing the negative aspects of the growth of microorganisms in the body.

Also, it eliminates the body of free radicals in the bloodstream. The negative side, may elevate your body's oxygen production, and cause you to relax. This transports more oxygen to your cells for greater health.

It is recommended to first purchase an inexpensive small magnet to see for yourself if you experience benefits, before purchasing bracelets with more costly magnet.

The red dot on the other hand, stands for the positive pole on the magnet. This pole should rarely face toward the body because you may produce unwanted acidity in the body, and this may in turn heighten free radicals in the blood. You could also create unwanted insomnia and retain water. Also having the positive pole of the magnet next to your body may lower the oxygen supply in your blood and give you feelings of being wore down.

There are many more benefits and claims of magnetic bracelets and magnetic therapy:

Magnetic therapy reduces and relieves pain in joints, (arthritis pain) bones, and muscles.

Magnetic therapy reduces and relieves migraine headaches.

Magnetic therapy reduces and relieves pain caused by Fibromyalgia.

Magnetic therapy reduces and relieves pain throughout the body regardless what the pain is caused by.

These claims are made by many people, including those in the medical profession!

Here's a easy and helpful comparison guide to help you find the right magnetic bracelet for you!