Infinite Energy Generator Review James Carters Guide to Saving Electricity

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A REAL Review of James Carter's Infinite Energy


Things are incredibly intimidating right now. I've began looking into survival choices, especially alternative energy. I want to make sure I'm ready.

Now is NOT the time to be trapped unawares when it comes to survival. I found out the hard way, after surviving a hurricane, that you want to make certain you do the best to continue to be prepared.

So it's no surprise that I finally caught wind of the Infinite Energy Generator, made to help conserve and make energy.

So I decided to review it.


What Is The Infinite Energy Generator?

The Infinite Energy Generator is a Do-it-yourself guide that teaches you to make a gadget that can cut down on electricity use.

It's a really detailed guide so that anyone can make it, even with no engineering experience.

How Does The Energy Generator Work?

The device is thoroughly energy-independent, which enables you to go and stay totally off-grid with it - IF you want to. You can use as a complement, reducing down on your energy bill here-and-there by making use of it to power things around your house… or you can take it step-by-step until it completely replaces other sources of energy completely.

Who Created The Infinite Energy Generator?

The author is James Carter. If you hang around in survival circles, you’ve already heard of him and know he’s got some high quality information. For those of you who haven’t, basically, James is an engineer that specializes in alternative energy, and basically helps people cut down on their energy bills.

What Comes With The Energy Generator Manual?

There's quite a couple of things you get as a free bonus, beyond just the guide on making the generator.

You also get a lot of required details, like:
• How to find all the necessary parts (vital right now)
• How to construct the Generator within a handful of hrs
• How this process works without gas or oil
• Scaling (GREAT if you want to work your way even more off-grid)
• Mistakes to avert
• How to STORE additional Electricity manual!

How Much Does It Cost?

I expected the manual to cost a few hundred dollars to make up for the sum of money that americans would be saving on electricity bills. It would make sense.

But no.

James is so devoted to assisting people that he kept the price REALLY low - it’s just $37. I guess in hindsight this makes some sense since you still have to make the device yourself.

EDIT: It’s actually on sale right now for $25! WEBSITE: CLICK HERE while the deal lasts - I think it’s a unique offer!


I was interested in the program, so I purchased it and resolved to test it out on a small scale. My Infinite Energy Generator has been working great on small devices - like cell phones.

Cell phones are crucial in survival situations, so this was my top priority. With the scaling guide, I'll be transferring on to bigger and better things, and maybe I'll be moving completely off the grid soon. This guide was EXCELLENT.

Stay safe out there.