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I don’t really know why they name it a panty dropper. Maybe because it smells so masculine that the girls are thinking of a man and nothing else when they smell it. But it is not refined or classy in any respect.
It rather smells like a deodorant or something like that. But I have to say that my taste is not really mainstream.
It's a really sharp piercing scent, extra so than anything else I even have ever tried. At first I did not like this fragrance as it kinda smelt like a purchasing outlet. But man does this smell good when in the air. The scent bubble is wonderful and follows you every the place you go.
I first smelt this on another man strolling past me while along with his lady. I turned my head and questioned what that was. Many weeks later I got my nostril on Suavage and I can affirm that the scent buddle is crazy and one thing proper out of a film. My girlfriend bought this for me for Christmas final 12 months and I've given it multiple possibilities and I just do not prefer it. It smells like a highschool gym locker room.
But to me I actually have to love the scent that I’m wearing as well. It’s not enough for me that the girls might prefer it. On my pores and skin I can't believe how highly effective this is. I definitely have to look at the sprays. Longevity can be insane, It will last all day.
I don’t like Bleu de Chanel as well. So if you prefer it and the ladies panties disappear in your surroundings whenever you use this scent, then you should purchase it.