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dirlada dirladada, da da dirladadano translationOh! dirlada everyone exhaustedexhausted from workvre gia na paroume tin Poli,courage to obtain the Poli the phrase "for Constantinople" entails "to beat woman"Oh! dirlada dirladada, apo tin Poli tin ChaliOh! dirlada dirladada, through the Poli the ChaliFrom the inexpugnable Chali. vre sto lemo ndos ton archondoOh! dirlada and the curve has already reached the lords' throatsThe concept of this lyric is not quite clear.
It was normal that before long they'd small bravery to continue functioning. Their own head was at home, at as well as however at intercourse which have overlooked for several months. They utilized a big watercraft also known as "Rezerva" as a storage space for supplies, to keep the sponges also to fulfill for lunch, that was truly the only dinner they had during every single day. Lyrics The sponge diving ended up being carried out with smaller ships many of which were run by o
Interpretation and description provided in a dining table formatGeek Lyrics in latin charactersTranslationExplanationEh! dirlada dirladada, da da dirladadaEh!
100 poems by 17 writers with helpful historic introductions.η-σειρά-songwriters-2020-ανακοινώνει-τη-σύνθεση/ To continue using the services of website, please make certain you have enabled JavaScript. I've talked about the area of the track ‘kobali’ with my grandfather Ioannis and uncles George and Panormiti.
Thus sponge scuba divers had been operating under the hot African sun from day to night, without much hot and rusty liquid, with nothing around them although open ocean. This efforts are accredited under an innovative Commons Attribution 4.0 Overseas licenses. From papyrus moves, copied and reused through the generations, countless short extracts published by Greek poets for the seventh and sixth generations B.C. This beautiful collection, translated into English by a number one classicist, gift suggestions a variety of ca.